Bunchberry. Photo © Bruce Thacker

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Cancelled – Bluebird Bonanza

Meet at the Movati Athletic Club Parking Lot 1185 Arthur Street W, Thunder Bay

Note: Due to the absence of bluebird eggs in the nesting boxes along the birding route, coupled with the long grass which has yielded ticks, There are very few nest boxes inhabited along the birding route this spring, therefore there are no bluebird eggs or offspring. Many nest boxes have very tall grasses and shrubs nearby which has also produced a very high incidence of ticks. For these two reasons it has been decided to cancel this event for this year.

Join Susan Robinson as we travel the country roads in search of Eastern Bluebirds. Please wear clothing suited for the day. We will meet at the Movati parking lot at 6:00 pm and finish up at 9:00 pm. Bring along your binoculars. Please email or call Susan at hitchcroft@shaw.ca or call 633-4858 (cell) to secure your spot.