Kam Valley Nature Reserve (Whitefish River). Photo © Mike Bryan

Kam Valley

The Kam Valley Nature Reserve

The Kam Valley Reserve, acquired in 2001, is a rich floodplain area located where the Whitefish River enters the Kaministiquia River near Stanley.

The 30-acre property is home to a number of regionally rare plants including Bur Oak, Blue Cohosh, Indian Hemp, Wood Nettle, Turtlehead, and Carrion Flower. Part of the reserve is a seasonally-flooded swamp dominated by Black Ash and American Elm. Along the Whitefish River, sand banks and gravel bars provide a sunny habitat suitable for prairie plants. The varied bird life includes Eastern Wood-Pewee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Indigo Bunting, and Great Crested Flycatcher.

Donations from club members provided most of the funding for the purchase of this reserve. A single donation in memory of a loved one covered a third of the cost. TBFN thanks all of our donors for their help in preserving this special place.