Hare Island Nature Reserve. Photo © Connie Hartviksen

Hare Island

Gordon and Elizabeth McLaren Memorial
Hare Island Nature Reserve

gordon maclaren
Elizabeth Maclaren

The Hare Island Reserve was donated as a memorial to Gordon and Elizabeth McLaren

Hare Island is a 4.5 acre islet in Lake Superior just west of the Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists acquired the island in 2008. Most of the money to buy the property came from family and friends of Gordon and Elizabeth McLaren, after whom the reserve is named. Gordon McLaren was one of the original founding members of TBFN back in 1933. The couple were both active in the club for many years and were bird watchers and hikers with a great love of the outdoors.

Hare Island is cleary visible from the Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. This island was up for sale as a potential cottage location and there was some concern that the increased boat traffic and disturbance might have a negative impact on bird monitoring at Thunder Cape. In addition, the island has cave-nesting Barn Swallows which the Observatory staff monitor every year, and some nesting Herring Gulls and Yellow Warblers. A pair of Bald Eagles also nest on the island. The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists are pleased to protect this site as a nature reserve.

Photos of Hare Island