2020 TBFN Nature Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2020 TBFN Nature Photo Contest! There are 7 categories that you can view. Members can cast their vote for one picture in each category. Voting is based on the “honour system”, so we trust that you will not vote multiple times!

To vote for your favourite photo, click on one of the gallery links below. You will then see the gallery displayed as a mosaic of thumbnail images which represent all of the pictures for that category. You can click on the picture for a larger view (the picture will open in a new tab on your browser).

To vote for your favourite within each category, click on the little star under the thumbnail image. Once you click on the star, the counter will update and you will see an increase in the number to the right of the star. This number represents the number of “votes” for this particular image. Only your own vote will be visible. Total tabulation will be hidden. The photos with the most votes in each category will be published and the winners announced.

Here are the links to the various galleries for each category (click on one of the category links to go directly to the selected gallery):

Adult Categories:

Under 16 Years Categories:

*** Thank you to all who participated and to our membership for voting for your favourites! ***