Pine Bay 1 Nature Reserve. Photo © Mike Bryan

Pine Bay I

Pine Bay Nature Reserve – Part 1

The Pine Bay 1 Nature Reserve protects a large area of Lake Superior shoreline with many significant natural features. The Reserve lies within the Ministry of Natural Resource’s Great Lakes Heritage Coast Signature Site and includes part of the Pine Bay Provincially Significant Wetland. This is one of only a few large wetlands along Lake Superior’s rocky north shore.

The Pine Bay 1 Nature Reserve is located about 40 kilometers south of the City of Thunder Bay on the shores of Lake Superior. At 912 acres, this reserve is one of TBFN’s largest. The property includes 800 metres of Lake Superior shoreline, plus another kilometer of shoreline on the western side of the Pine River estuary, where the river empties into Pine Bay. It also includes a short section of the Pine River itself.

The Pine Bay Wetland provides breeding grounds for a wide variety of waterfowl, and includes a spruce and cedar swamp with many rare plants and orchids. The river mouth is a nursery area for spawning and migrating fish such as rock bass and brook and rainbow trout. Otters, beaver and deer are commonly seen along the estuary. Inland, the property features a large and dramatic mesa which is used for hunting by four pairs of Peregrine Falcons that nest nearby.

Pine Bay Photos

The Natural Areas Conservation Program, a Nature Conservancy of Canada – Government of Canada partnership, provided half the funding for the protection of these ecologically sensitive lands. Many individuals met the challenge to contribute the necessary matching funds.

The Natural Areas Conservation Program is an NCC-Government of Canada partnership.

“The NCC-Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program is a $225 million
investment to assist non-profit, non-government organizations secure ecologically sensitive lands. This ensures the conservation of our diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and habitat. In order to use the funding available, these organizations will provide matching funds for each federal dollar received.

The securement of Pine Bay Nature Reserve was supported by the Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program – an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources initiative that assists land trusts with land securement costs to help conserve Ontario’s biodiversity.

TBFN appreciates the support of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance in administering this valuable program and helping us in our conservation work.