Caldwell Lake Nature Reserve. Photo © Mike Bryan


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Pictured Lake Addition

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists are seeking your support to purchase a new nature reserve property, a 116-acre parcel abutting our existing Pictured Lake Nature Reserve near Oliver Lake. The original Pictured Lake Reserve, purchased in 2008, protects 105 acres of land surrounding a small lake. We already have an accepted offer to purchase this adjacent property with a closing date of May 27, 2021. 

This new nature reserve will add to the protection of the existing reserve. Oliver Creek, the outflow from the lake, flows through the length of the new property. The creek has many beaver ponds and dams, and interesting plants including Jack-in-the-pulpit, Bloodroot and Wild Ginger growing in the rich floodplain. Western Painted Turtle eggs were found by the stream. The property is covered with mature mixed forest which includes some large White and Red pine. At the south end of this parcel is a high rock outcrop with Jack Pine, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Spikenard and Sumac. See map and photos to the right.

TBFN needs your donations to support this purchase. Although we have some funds set aside already, and will seek matching grants, we depend on the support and generosity of our own members to move forward with this purchase. 

Donations may be made using any major credit card or PayPal on this website. Click here to be taken to the donation form. Please indicate that your donation is for “Nature Reserves” if you choose this method. The Club can also accept donations of stocks and bonds. (This may have some tax advantages for larger donations – talk to Sue Bryan about this if you are interested. She can be reached by email at, phone: (807) 345-6446) or (807) 627-4556.) 

TBFN is a registered charity and will provide a tax receipt for all donations.

About Our Nature Reserves

Since the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists acquired our first Nature Reserve at the Nipigon River mouth in 1993, the programme has grown rapidly. We now own sixteen pieces of property protecting more than 2000 hectares (5000 acres). TBFN is a registered charity and can issue charitable donations receipts for the value of the land donated. We are registered with the federal government as a recognized “Recipient of Ecologically Sensitive Lands”.

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The Purpose of Our Nature Reserves

The main purpose of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Nature Reserves is to protect the natural habitats, birds, plants and animals that live in these special places. We do not maintain trails, parking lots, fences, gates or any other facilities at the nature reserves.The Reserves are there largely for protection, with recreational uses of secondary importance. We encourage you to visit and quietly enjoy the TBFN Reserves, while respecting the special natural features there. Motorized vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes, are not allowed. Hunting, overnight camping, and campfires are also prohibited. If you need detailed directions on how to find these locations please contact the Nature Reserves Chair. Visitors are welcome to join in on club field trips that go to many of the reserves. We invite you to come along.  


We are always looking for help with our Nature Reserves. You can “adopt” a reserve by acting as a stewardship volunteer. Activities include monitoring for inappropriate uses, reporting wildlife sightings, planting trees, and removing trash. For more information, please contact the Nature Reserves Chair.

Donations to the Nature Reserve Fund

Donations to the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Reserve Fund are encouraged. These can be in the form of an actual property or cash/stocks/bequests to the Fund. Charitable donation receipts are issued for all donations. Donations can be made online (click here), or by contacting Sue Bryan, Nature Reserves Chair, 807-345-6446 or 807-627-4556, at

TBFN is a registered recipient of donations made through 1% For The Planet.Elua, a division of Global Hydration Systems, joined our 1% sponsors in 2015 and increased their donation in 2016 and again in 2017. Based in Thunder Bay, Elua provides solutions for clean, safe drinking water at home and in the field. Thank you to CEO Andrew Moorey for his generous support of our nature reserves program. 

Endowment Fund

TBFN has an endowment fund to provide a permanent source of financial support for our Nature Reserves. We welcome donations to this fund. Charitable donation receipts will be provided for all contributions. Please contact Susan Bryan, Nature Reserves Chair, for information about how to donate to the Endowment Fund. Phone: 807-345-6446 or 807-627-4556; e-mail:


The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Club is a member of the  Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA).

OLTA supports one of the largest land trust communities in the world. OLTA’s work includes promoting land conservation and preservation that protects critical environmental assets and endangered species and benefits Ontario communities. The Alliance represents 120,000 individuals and members working together to protect over 90,000 acres of land and both of these numbers grow every year. OLTA promotes and assists our member’s and associates’ vital land trust work through training, education, and communications, as we collectively connect communities, promote land trusts, and act to influence policy and support stakeholders.  

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