Thunder Bay Conservatory Visit. Photo © Janet Anderson

Youth Programs

In addition to our regular family-friendly events, TBFN offers three streams of programming specifically for children and youth.

If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact or the Youth Programming Chair.

Wolf Packs

These events have been designed for children 6-11 years old, but older and younger children are also welcome. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during these events.

Naturalist events for the family! Budding naturalists are introduced to basic naturalist skills, science, and local ecosystems during fun events with games and hands-on activities.


For youth 12-15 years old.

Explore and learn about the natural world in a fun, peer setting. Efts can deepen their understanding of science and nature with guest experts, field trips, arts, and other exciting activities.


For youth over 15 years old.

The Nature Explorers With Technology (NEWT) program is run in partnership with Lakehead University and Let’s Talk Science. NEWTs continue to develop their naturalist skills while participating in community science initiatives (e.g. iNaturalist) and practicing science communication (e.g. through the development of educational vlogs and assisting with the Wolf Packs and Efts programs).