"Catch the Buzz" Workshop August 2019. Photo © Victoria MacPhail

Board of Directors & Committees

Our 2021 TBFN Board of Directors


TBFN Board of Directors 2021 – Contact Information

PresidentGerry Racey (807) 939-1620 gdracey@tbaytel.net
Vice President
Field Trips/Hikes
Marian Childs (807) 577-1324 marianchilds@shaw.ca
SecretaryLada Malek (807) 709-4919 lmalek@lakeheadu.ca
TreasurerKathie Pawlik (807) 344-4635 pawlik@tbaytel.net
Past PresidentVacant for 2021
Advocacy CoordinatorKeith Wade (807) 935-3092 latitude52@tbaytel.net
Publicity & Promotion
Ontario Nature Liaison
Sandy Barro (807) 977-1702 sbarro@lakeheadu.ca
Junior Naturalists &
Youth Programs
Courtney Mondoux (807) 633-0189 ccmondoux@gmail.com
Walks & Talks
Nature Reserve Liaison
Mike Carter (807) 626-3743 mcarter@tbaytel.net
Citizen Science Coordinator
TCBO Liaison
Ted Armstrong (807) 577-3997 tedarmstrong11@gmail.com
Outreach CoordinatorGene Kent (807) 355-5679 kentgene@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator
Inventory & Sales
Lindy Wagenaar (807) 627-4478 lindy@tbaytel.net

TBFN Nature Reserves Committee

ChairSusan Bryan (807) 345-6446 bryan@tbaytel.net
MemberJanet AndersonMemberDavid Legge
MemberMike BryanMember Jessie McFadden
Member & Liaison to the TBFN Board of DirectorsMichael CarterMemberLesley Ng
MemberAlan HallMember Gerry Stricker
MemberJanice LeboeufMemberBarbara Yurkoski

Thunder Cape Bird Observatory Committee

Allan Harris (Chair) (807) 344-7213 aharris@tbaytel.net
Ted Armstrong (TBFN Representative) (807) 577-3997 tedarmstrong11@gmail.com
Neil Dawson (807) 939-3120
Nick Escott (807) 345-7122
Brian Ratcliff (807) 768-8408 bratcliff@tbaytel.net
Keith Wade (807) 935-3092 latitude52@tbaytel.net
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
& Forestry Liaison – VACANT

TBFN Standing Committees & Support

Newsletter EditorJohn Barro (807) 977-1702 john@sibley.mine.nu
WebmasterJohn Barro (807) 977-1702 webmaster@tbfn.net
FacebookConnie Hartviksen (807) 983-2688 conniehartviksen@live.com
TwitterJohn Barro (807) 977-1702 john@sibley.mine.nu
Thunder Cape Bird
Observatory Chair
Allan Harris (807) 344-7213 aharris@tbaytel.net
MembershipSharon Gilbert (807) 768-8582 sharongilbert@tbaytel.net
Youth ProgramsCourtney Mondoux (807) 633-0189 ccmondoux@gmail.com
Peregrine Falcon Project and 
Bird Records
Brian Ratcliff (807) 768-8408 bratcliff@tbaytel.net
Bluebird Recovery Project and 
Annual Dinner
Susan Robinson (807) 344-1739 hitchcroft@shaw.ca
Nature ReservesSusan Bryan (807) 345-6446 bryan@tbaytel.net
Gray Fox ProjectTed Armstrong (807) 577-3997 tedarmstrong11@gmail.com

TBFN Representatives on Community Committees

EarthCare Thunder Bay, Community Greening
Working Group

John Walas

OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Black Spruce ForestRob Foster rfoster@tbaytel.net
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Dog Lake & Matawin River ForestsVACANT
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Lakehead ForestPeter Nicholas pwnich@tbaytel.net
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Armstrong ForestGerry Racey gdracey@tbaytel.net
Lake Superior Public Advisory Committee
to LaMP Remedial Action Plan (RAP)
Thunder Bay District Stewardship CouncilJean
OMNRF Fisheries Management Zone 6
Advisory Council
Kathy Sakamoto sakamoto@tbaytel.net
OMNRF Fisheries Management Zone 9
Advisory Council
Walter Momot
Lake Superior National Marine
Conservation Area IMAB
Keith Wade latitude52@tbaytel.net
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Adopt-A-RoadMarian Childs marianchilds@shaw.ca
Greenwood Lake Management CommitteeGerry Racey gdracey@tbaytel.net
Ontario NatureSandy Barro sbarro@lakeheadu.ca
OPG Kam River Standing Advisory CommitteeMike Carter mcarter@tbaytel.net
Ontario Land Trust AllianceSusan Bryan bryan@tbaytel.net

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