TCBO Coordinator Rinchen Boardman. Photo © Dark Forest Photographic

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Current Thunder Cape Bird Observatory Executive 2024 members include:

Allan Harris (Chair) (807) 344-7213
Mirabai Alexander (807) 707-0297
Neil Dawson (807) 344-7242
Nick Escott (807) 345-7122
Brian Ratcliff (807) 768-8408
Keith Wade (TBFN Representative) (807) 935-3092
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
& Forestry Liaison – Jen Shuter

If you find a banded bird, call toll free 1-800-327-BAND from Canada, the U.S. and most of the Caribbean direct to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Laurel, Maryland. Report dead birds (with bands) that you find, or geese, swans, etc. with large readable neck bands. Be prepared to provide information on flock size, and colour of the neck bands.


We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. Your annual membership fee of $15 will be used to support this worthwhile project and you will receive the two yearly newsletters keeping you up to date on the activities at the Observatory and the latest migration statistics.  The TCBO Committee publishes a newsletter entitled “Thunder Cape News” twice a year and mails it to members of TCBO.

To join TCBO or donate, click here for our online form.

For More Information:

Rinchen Boardman, Program Coordinator 
Thunder Cape Bird Observatory
c/o Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Club
131 – 1100 Memorial Avenue 
Thunder Bay, Ontario   P7B 4A3
Phone: (807) 251-3673

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A note on the featured Image from the photographer:

“On a trip to Thunder Cape, we were shown around the observation areas and I was able to interview Rinchen, the coordinator of Thunder Cape Bird Observatory as well as several of the volunteers that dedicate weeks of their spring and summer to science! They spend almost 100 days in both the spring and fall at TBCO monitoring bird migrations that pass through and use the peninsula as a staging area. They have been doing so for the last 29 years, amazing! In this photo, I managed to catch Rinchen mid-thought and the day’s light shining through the window made for a perfect portrait. This small room is where they do all of the measurements and banding of the birds. They measure flight feathers, assess BMI, age, sex, and check the overall health of the bird before banding it, weigh it, and send it on its way. You can volunteer to work with TBCO, and learn first hand from the experts.”