Photo © Anna Buske

Thunder Bay Nature Guide

The completely revised and expanded Thunder Bay Nature Guide will introduce you to 30 natural sites in and around Thunder Bay. Updated and published in March 2021, this edition was completely rewritten and updated with new digital photography, ten new sites and new maps. Also in this edition are eight sections on special topics including Bumble Bees, Wetlands and Orchids. It is essential reading for anyone interested in learning about the natural history of the area and an essential companion for exploring the region.

This latest edition is the collaborative effort of club members, photographers and experts and contains beautiful photography of the area’s biodiversity and nature. The Nature Guide gives directions on how to get to a site and what to look for in regard to flora, fauna and geology. The sites range from being within city limits and accessible by bike or public transit to those further afield requiring a vehicle to access. Sites that provide a comfortable stroll to a challenging hike.

Partner up with the Nature Guide. Let it lead you to the natural world in the captivating variety of landscapes that define Thunder Bay and the surrounding region. Be sustained by the wonders of nature’s phenomena and processes as a solitary explorer or in the company of friends. Let the Thunder Bay Nature Guide be your guide. 

The guide is available as a digital download at our website store located here: