Allan Gilbert, Keith Wade, Larrisa Simulik, Scott Cheadle. Photo © Rinchen Boardman

Other Projects

Other Projects and Programs

In addition to TBFN projects, you can also contribute to provincial, national, or continental monitoring and citizen science programs such as:

Birds Canada and its partners carry out a range of volunteer-based monitoring programs that TBFN and its members support.  These include: 

  • Christmas Bird Counts
  • Canadian Lakes Loon Survey
  • Project FeederWatch
  • Project NestWatch
  • Canadian Migration Monitoring Network
  • Baillie Birdathon
  • Marsh Monitoring Program
  • Breeding Bird Atlas
  • Nocturnal Owl Surveys
  • Whip-poor-will Surveys
  • SwiftWatch
  • Great Backyard Bird Count
  • Ontario Bank Swallow Project

If you  would like to participate or wish more information, please see their respective websites.