Thunder Cape. Photo © Dark Forest Photographic

Thunder Cape

Thunder Cape Bird Observatory

Thunder Cape Bird Observatory (TCBO) is a joint project of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Wildlife Assessment Program (OMNR-WAP), and Birds Canada, working in partnership with Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and the Canadian Coast Guard. Core funding for the migration monitoring at Thunder Cape is provided by OMNR – WAP, to contribute to its assessment of bird population trends in Ontario.

TBCO is associated with The Ontario Bird Banding Association and is part of The Canadian Migration Monitoring Network which tracks population trends, particularly for bird species that breed in remote areas farther north and are difficult to otherwise monitor. TCBO is strategically located at the southern tip of the Sibley Peninsula on the north shore of Lake Superior. This 35-km long forested peninsula is flanked by the highest cliffs in Ontario and is a natural migrant trap, particularly for waterfowl, raptors, and passerines in the fall.