Donate – Nature Reserves Pictured Lake Addition Campaign




TBFN is pleased to announce that we are buying a new property, a 116-acre parcel abutting our existing Pictured Lake Nature Reserve near Oliver Lake. The deal closes on May 27, 2021.

With this new purchase, the Pictured Lake Reserve will more than double in size. The original 105-acre reserve was purchased in 2008 to preserve the impressive cliffs and wetlands surrounding Pictured Lake. TBFN members have enjoyed visiting this beautiful spot in the winter, snowshoeing over the frozen lake.

The new addition abuts the north side of the existing reserve and has frontage on both Boundary Drive and East Oliver Lake Road. Oliver Creek, which drains from Pictured Lake, runs through the length of the property. A series of beaver dams and ponds on the stream has created some rich wetland areas, home to interesting floodplain plants such as Jack-in-the-pulpit, bloodroot, and wild ginger. TBFN volunteers found recently hatched western painted turtle eggs in sandy soil by the stream.

TBFN is now fund-raising to support this new purchase. Expenses include the purchase price ($185,000), an appraisal, legal fees and land transfer taxes, and costs to remove the old shed.

Some money will be added to our TBFN Endowment Fund to support future costs of caring for this property. We plan to apply for government grants to support this project, but we definitely need help from the membership too. The government will only contribute if there are private donations to be “matched”. Donations can be made here (major credit cards or PayPal accepted) or you may choose to mail in a cheque or money order.

Thank You to our recent Nature Reserves Supporters!