Bunchberry. Photo © Bruce Thacker

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Wolverine Research and Conservation in the Boreal Forest

Lunan Hall - St. Paul's United Church 349 Waverley Street, Thunder Bay

Join us as Dr. Matthew Scrafford, Conservation Scientist with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, shares his unique insight into wolverine biology, behaviour and conservation challenges across the boreal forest of North America. Dr. Scrafford will describe his work near Red Lake, Ontario and Rainbow Lake, Alberta where he has used GPS collars to track wolverine movement, foraging, and survival in industrial landscapes. He also will discuss how this work has informed habitat management for the species.  His research in Alberta was featured on the CBC Nature of Things documentary “Wolverine: Ghost of the northern forest”.   
After Dr. Scrafford’s talk, there will be a short presentation on the City Nature Challenge 2022 (CNC) along with a demo on how to use iNaturalist.